I have owned and operated Mountainscapers Landscaping since 1994.   I was inspired by my Dad.  He is a hard worker who was successful and never missed a day of work in his entire career – and he actually just retired.  He instilled a strong work ethic, encouraged financial independence, and gave me my very first lawn mower.  I actually started my business when I was just 16 years old.  At first I just did lawn service and carried my lawn mower on the back of my bike.


As my customer base grew – my clients started to ask me to add on landscaping services – at first just installation, and then design.   I was fascinated by the required engineering knowledge needed to build water features and fire features, so I pursued a Bachelors of Engineering and Construction Management degree at Northern Arizona University.

After college I enlisted in the Army and that was followed by work in the commercial engineering field.

In the meantime, I kept my landscaping company as a side business so that I could pursue my passion for design and advanced technology.

I have had the privilege of collaborating with clients to create unique, functional and beautiful designs.  I am passionate about opportunities to provide innovative solutions using advanced technology to  craft landscapes that compliment homes, enhance lifestyle, and give enjoyment for years to come.

My approach is unique in that I fuse my technical construction background with my design expertise to create spaces that are resort-worthy. I specialize in projects that are considerable in size using boulders, water, fire and shade structures to design substantial incomparable outdoor environments.

I am an inventor and have recently been awarded a patent for my new fountain technology.  Additionally, I have designed furniture, tiki torches and shade structures.