Our landscape design expertise lies in leveraging the beauty of Arizona, blending function and comfort by bringing inside living amenities to outdoor spaces for year-round use. Whether it's going on a private adventure in your own backyard, or enjoying an intimate space to relax in, Mountainscapers Landscaping will create your dream environment.

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We Transformed Our Backyard

Sean Andersen of Mountainscrapers is not only very energetic but he's also very passionate about his designs. He help focus my design idea into a real project with added details highlighting the featu…Read More

Aaron F.


Amazing Crew

Sean, Tony and their amazing crew transformed our mountain summer home. Now, instead of rocky (boulders), uneven, treacherous terrain, we enjoy smooth paver paths and patio where we can safely enjoy o…Read More

Tony & Judy R.


He listened to me

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean November '15 a week after moving into my new home. I was "interviewing" potential landscapers and was absolutely swamped with meetings because it was a new subdivisi…Read More

Pat K.

We provide experienced landscape design, construction and installation services to Phoenix, Scottsdale, FlagStaff and Paradise Valley. We collaborate on a personal level with our valued clients to create unique and innovative outdoor spaces that are inviting while being distinctively customized for your personal needs.

The Elemental Fountain is not your typical fire/water feature. Our Elemental Fountain was designed to give you an incredible experience as you witness fire and water working as one unit. The purpose of this fountain’s aesthetic is to delight, surprise, and engage you in a unique and spectacular way. The fountain is artfully engineered using a new innovative technology to craft a never-before-seen interplay between two opposing energetic sources: fire and water. Our fountain creates a mesmerizing dramatic focal point that provides movement, sound, warmth, lighting, and is simultaneously calming and energizing, which means it’s perfect for any space.

Your paradise is our passion. We set ourselves apart from the average landscaping companies in Phoenix & Flagstaff with our ability to blend your personal vision with our innovative landscape design expertise to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. We offer a free consultation, complete with colored renderings, and we work alongside with you to create a personalized landscape design that will compliment your home, enhance your lifestyle, and bring you enjoyment for years to come.

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