Why You Should Have An Irrigation System, Part 2

Welcome back to the MountainScapers blog! Last time, we provided two pretty compelling reasons why you should have an irrigation system installed in your landscaping or garden. But the benefits of this clever move take up more space than one blog could account for, so here we’ve collected a few more reasons why you should have one.

You Save Money

You might be shaking your head, how could having a new irrigation system save you money? You have to think of it as a long-term investment. A properly installed irrigation system can lower your water bill because it uses only the water that your plants need to stay healthy. It takes the guesswork out of spraying down your garden with your hose and uses water more efficiently. An irrigation system also ensures that your plants get the exact amount of water they need to stay healthy. This keeps your plants from wilting and dying in the Arizona sun. You’ll spend less money on new plants, and can save that money for that new patio furniture instead.

Keeps Your Soil Healthy

The soil in Arizona is often low in nutrients, making it difficult to work with sometimes. When you water your garden with a hose, this could let too much water into the soil, and cause erosion, which can strip the soil of whatever nutrients are there. Using a hose can also compact the soil, which can suffocate the root networks of your garden, and make your plants vulnerable to disease. Some parts of Arizona have high amounts of clay in their soil, and that makes these soils less prone to erosion, but still need to be managed carefully, as water can pool up in these soils, and actually drown your plants.

The Smart Choice

When you work with the irrigation system experts at MountainScapers, you’ll quickly find that your landscaping will look more beautiful and luxurious than ever before. Call us today to see what an irrigation system can do for your landscaping!

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