Why You Should Have An Irrigation System, Part 1

Often, when we mention irrigation systems for your landscaping, people immediately jump to the large systems used for farms and major gardens. But in reality, any home with landscaping can benefit from an irrigation system. They’re vital for maintaining a healthy and lush garden here in the desert biome of Flagstaff. With a properly installed irrigation system from MountainScapers, your garden can stay green and beautiful all year long.

You Save Time

No matter the size of your garden, watering it by hand can be a labor, and time, intensive process. In the heat of Arizona, it’s best that your plants are watered at nighttime. This keeps the hot sun from evaporating that water before your plants have a chance to absorb it. No one wants to wake up at 3:00 AM to water their garden. We’re all busy people, so wouldn’t it be easier to have an irrigation system that provided the water your landscaping needed automatically? Spend your valuable free time enjoying your garden with loved ones and family, and not with that leaky garden hose.

Your Landscaping Stays Healthy

The obvious benefit of an irrigation system is that your landscaping is watered on a regular schedule. Your plants will stay greener longer this way. But an irrigation system helps keep your landscaping healthy in ways you might not realize. When your irrigation system is tailored to the layout and the specific plants in your garden, they can receive exactly the right amount of water that they need to grow. You won’t spray water unnecessarily all over the garden, which gives opportunities for weeds to grow, and for leaves to become damaged by having water rest on them for too long.

If you’re looking for a specialized irrigation for your garden in Flagstaff, contact the experts at MountainScapers. We’ll take the hassle out of keeping your garden healthy.

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