8 Landscaping Dos & Don’ts


Hello and welcome back to the Mountainscapers blog! Around this time of year and into the summer, we start thinking more about our landscaping and wondering if a change is in order. Before you pull out your shovel or make a trip to your local home improvement store, read the latest on the Mountainscapers blog!

Don’t Start Without a Plan

It’s easy to get excited to get a wild-hare idea and to just go for it. This method may work in other areas of life, but it certainly doesn’t when it comes to landscaping. Before pulling up edging or digging a hole for a water feature, take a moment to think about what you want and make a plan.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes

Change can be really hard to the person that relishes the familiar, but don’t be afraid to make changes to your landscaping, especially if it has always looked the way it is currently. If change is scary, think about small, gradual ways to create a backyard oasis that you will love.

Do Think Long-Term

Though much of landscaping can be changed if you don’t like it, you must think long-term as well. Trees and shrubs can take a long time to grow into maturity, so if you are looking for more shade, consider buying a more mature tree or installing a pergola.

Do Know Your Options

Like we said, before you roll up your sleeves to get started, you must have a plan; part of having a plan is knowing your options. Consider all of the options that your budget could provide you. Exploring the options that you have may spark an idea for your favorite landscaping project yet!

Do Prioritize

As you plan, be sure to prioritize what aspect of your landscaping is most important to you. Prioritizing will help you properly budget, know how to effectively use that budget, and help you know what you want most.

Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal

Even if you think you are going to be in your home forever, it is always a good idea to consider curb appeal, especially if you have an HOA to please. Research what kind of items add curb appeal to your home and those that can detract.

Do Think About Maintenance

It’s easy to get excited about everything that you could add to your yard, but you should think about how much maintenance your landscape design will require. If you love being outside and working in the garden, then consider a higher maintenance landscape. If having one more home maintenance project really bums you out, then think about lower maintenance items that can create the same look

Don’t Forget to Call the Professionals

If you are in the process of planning your landscaping, call Mountainscapers! We offer landscape design and can install water features and fire features that can make your yard your own oasis. We have been serving the Phoenix area for a long time and love helping homeowners create an outdoor space that they love.

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