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For some, the word drought represents a mere annoyance; for others, it spells impending doom. But one fact that continues to be driven home is that the West’s water shortage is bound to get a lot worse before it gets better. There has even been talk among experts that the 15+ year drought may actually change the face of the western United States; with cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas in need of radical adjustments to avoid irreversible effects. Where others claim that Phoenix isn’t under the same dire circumstances as California, we believe that being a city built in a desert, we have a pressing responsibility to help conserve as much water wherever possible.

As a favorite landscaping company in Phoenix, our focus has been increasingly aimed at helping homeowners in our community become more eco-friendly and water-conscious. With every homeowner using an average of 136 gallons of water each day, with more than half of that on lawns and landscaping, we believe we can all do our part at lessening water usage in our city.

Xeriscaping is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of water you expend on your landscaping. Where many people believe that a complete overhaul is needed, we can help you add xeriscaping without the need of an extreme landscaping makeover.

The three main steps that you need to remember for effective xeriscaping are:

  • Plan ahead – Think about the areas where over-watering and runoff are likely to occur. Research your particular type of soil and your typical month-to-month water usage; making a plan to address your areas of biggest concern. As your local landscaper, we can give you the breakdown of what your soil needs, what plants take more than their fair share of water and where items such as artificial turf may be recommended.
  • Think like a native – Whether you’ve been in the area for your lifetime or not, you may not be aware of what plants are indigenous to the area. Because native plants are used to the arid climate and soil challenges of the desert, they are much more likely to remain healthy and not require additional irrigation and expensive maintenance. Replace those that need your special attention with those that know the area.
  • Mulch it up – Adding a layer of mulch around the bases of plants and trees allows for better water retention and a reduction in temperature around delicate root systems.

We don’t expect you to be an expert botanist or geologist in order to xeriscape your yard properly. That’s where we come in. As Phoenix’s premier landscape design, we can help you become part of a more¬†sustainable community. Give your personal landscape a whole new look while doing your part to conserve water. Call us for a full consultation at 602-726-8560 in Phoenix and at 928-202-4204 in Flagstaff.

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