How To Make Your Landscape Design Zen: Part 1

7b75cf42aa7aeadd0f390ebc25fa4362Having a place that you can retreat to every day would be the stuff of dreams. A nice outdoor space with a beautiful green landscape, lush flora, and a waterfall with that soothing “swish” noise. This sounds like an oasis out of Architectural Digest

Well, you don’t have to pine after this setting any longer! At Mountainscapers in Phoenix, we make your dream outdoor spaces reality. We come up with amazing designs to fit your personality and need for your outdoor space. Some people like a patio that can handle a ton of nightlife (dance party anyone?) Other people want that quiet and peaceful place to call their own.

We wanted to let you know what we think are the best ways to make your landscape design more zen.

Decide The Spot

Deciding on the spot is an important step in your landscape design to create your zen paradise. Are you wanting to makeover the entirety of your backyard or just one spot you can visit from time to time? We do it all at Mountainscapes in Phoenix, so we can execute the vision you have in your mind.

Kaler4Keep Flora In Mind

Nothing says zen-like a beautiful and lush area filled with different flowers, plants, and the greenest grass, the eye can see. We can add some of your favorite flowers throughout the landscape design, or just keep them in one area. We can landscape the grass in certain shapes and sizes. Have you always wanted a palm tree in the backyard? Done.waterfall

Nothing Like A Waterfall

Adding any water element to a landscape design will create a zen vibe in seconds. Water is meant to calm, soothe, and relax the senses; especially if you have the sounds of trickling water in the background. We have many ways to design water features within your landscape design from a small pond to a full-size waterfall surrounded by intricate rock formations.

These helpful tips will help make your landscape design your most favorite place in your Phoenix home. Mountainscapers make your paradise our passion. If you want to stop daydreaming about the designs you see in HomeGoods, call us today! Picture it: an amazing space where you can entertain, meditate, and enjoy the unbeatable weather in Phoenix. We can help you create the perfect zen design. Also, check back for part two of our blog series: How To Make Your Landscape Design Zen

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