Four Landscaping Mistakes that Should Always be Avoided

For a landscaper in Phoenix, looking at a bare backyard is akin to a painter looking at a new, untouched canvas; the possibilities are endless. But before we dive into the project, we try to reign in our creative drive just a tad, as we know that there are pitfalls that every landscape designer can fall into if not careful. These mistakes can lead to issues that make your outside space less enjoyable or functional. And though we also try to take into account every design and layout wish of our client, we try to make it understood that Phoenix’s soil and climate do present certain landscaping challenges that are better worked with than against. That being said, as your landscape and outdoor living designer, we strive to avoid the following pitfalls in order to give you the most functional, long-lasting and beautiful area as possible:

  • Ignoring what you already have – Does your blank space include large boulders or varying grades? Rather than attempting to remove them or leveling them out, using those features can add interest to the space. Go with the flow and utilize what nature has already given you.
  • Being lawn-obsessed – We need to face the stark facts: we live in a harsh desert environment where water is at a premium. We believe that having large expanses of grass is not only unnecessary but is somewhat irresponsible. With xeriscaping and water and fire features, we can build an outdoor space that makes you forget about your desire for a water-sucking lawn.
  • Not using plants native to the area – Not only are native plants more suited to the climate and soil conditions than others, they also last longer, are healthier and provide homes and sustenance to local insects and wildlife. Be eco-friendly and include plants that require less maintenance and water in your landscape.
  • Focusing only on the aesthetics – Though the beauty of your landscape and patio area are extremely important to the enjoyment aspect, overlooking its functionality is an all-too-common mistake. Privacy, wind-reduction and shading are all aspects to consider when building an outdoor area that can be enjoyed to its optimum level year round.

We set ourselves apart from the average landscaping companies in Phoenix with our ability to blend your personal vision with our innovative landscape design expertise to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Find out more by calling us at 602-726-8560 for your no-obligation, no-cost estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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