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Summer is just around the around the corner and for those of us in Phoenix we are already enjoying warm temperatures, allowing us relaxing days out by the pool and cool evenings on our patios. Do you love your patio or pool area? Is it a place of relaxation, or does it feel like it needs something, maybe some kind upgrade?

Mountainscapers Landscaping is in the business of taking your patio and transforming it into your own personal oasis for relaxing evenings. We can also add elements that will make your home the party spot for your friends or a fun place for your grandchildren and family to relax. Whatever it is that you want for your patio or pool area, we are sure that we can help you make your backyard into everything that you’ve dreamed through our premiere landscaping services. Here are some of the services we offer our clients in the Phoenix area:

Fire & Water Features

If you’ve been keeping up with our previous blogs, you’ve probably read about the benefits of a fire or water feature for your backyard. Not only can a water feature be beautiful to look at, but listening to a water feature can be incredibly soothing, helping you to create your own relaxing getaway. Fire features can give you an opportunity to enjoy your patio more fully with a warm, cozy fireplace or a beautiful decorative element giving your landscaping extra light, movement, and ambiance. We have even combined water and fire features into one element creating one-of-a-kind innovative designs. Learn more here!

Shade Structures

One key element to any landscape design, especially in Phoenix, is shade. To fully enjoy your patio during Arizona’s hot summers, you must have proper shade. We can install shade elements that are not only functional, but also beautiful that contribute to the overall aesthetic of your landscaping. We offer signature products by Sean Andersen as part of our landscaping services. Andersen uses his talents and the latest in technology to create unique shade structures that will cover your outdoor kitchen, patio, and more.  Andersen will work with you, to create your dream backyard oasis.

Other Landscaping Services

Mountainscapers Landscaping offers a variety of other high-quality landscaping services including:

  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Greenery & Plant Installations
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Garden Installation
  • Walkway & Patio Design

We take great pride in our landscaping services and our capability to turn a backyard into a unique, private relaxing oasis that can be enjoyed for years to come. Contact us for a Free Estimate!

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