It’s Time to Update

Fall is the perfect time to make some changes to your patio area. In Phoenix, it’s finally beginning to cool down, making the patio area an even more tantalizing place to spend time during the day. Landscaping design and other changes can be extremely beneficial. Today, we are going to talk about a few easy changes to make to your space.   

Install a Fire Pit

Even though we are loving the cooler weather, the evenings in Phoenix can get quite brisk. A fire pit, and specifically, a fire pit table, can be a great way to heat things up on the patio and allow you, your friends and family to enjoy more fresh air and time outside. Unlike its wood-burning counterpart, a fire pit table uses gas, meaning no more hassling with wood, smoke, and ash — simply enjoy the comfort of a cozy night on the patio under the stars.  

Upgrade the Furniture

If you’re still sitting on casted-plastic furniture from the 80s, it’s time for an upgrade. Patio furniture should be as comfortable as your inside couch. Today, you can invest in a lounger or outdoor couch, love seat, as well as a coffee table. With such comfort and a fire pit table, you may never want to leave your patio.

Add the Throw Pillows & Blankets

After you’ve upgraded your furniture, it’s time to add pillows and some blankets. When you buy pillows, you can shop for those that you will love to display all year, but you could consider going with something more seasonal. Since fall is here to stay for awhile, consider choosing bright earthy tones, or opt for cozy holiday-themed ones. There is no wrong way to do comfort. When buying pillows, don’t forget to get some cozy throw blankets to cuddle under while enjoying the fire pit.

If you are ready to install a fire pit table or make an even bigger change, contact Mountainscapers, Phoenix’s Top Rated Local® landscaping design contractor.

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