Designing the Perfect Water Feature

Welcome back to the Mountainscapers blog! Are you considering making a change to your Phoenix landscaping? Consider a water feature! Not only can they be beautiful to look at, add character to your space, they can also lower your stress levels and bring nature to your backyard space. When you are considering the type of water feature that you want, you must think about these aspects.

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fountain


Some fountains require more space than others. For example, a tiered water feature can be a beautiful addition to your space, but might crowd your area. If space is limited, consider installing a wall fountain, a pondless fountain, or a bubbling rock fountain.  


Style must also be factored into your fountain choice. A spouted fountain can be just the right choice for rustic or vintage spaces while a glass fountain is a chic option for ultra-modern gardens and patios. You can even theme your water feature by choosing a sculpture or rock formation that fits the aesthetic of your home and garden.


The kind of ambiance that you wish to create can also help you decide what type of fountain you will install. For example, a Japanese water feature can create a tranquil atmosphere as water trickles out of bamboo spout and into a bowl. On the other hand a tiered fountain or waterfall may be louder and more reminiscent of water features naturally found.

Ready to Start Designing Your Outdoor Water Feature

A water feature can truly transform your space. If you are ready to explore the possibilities for your patio or backyard in Phoenix, contact Mountainscapers! We provide landscaping services and can install water features and fire features in addition to more traditional elements. We would love to help you create an oasis that you love to spend time in. Visit our website to learn more about us and what we can do!

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