3 Landscaping Design Tips For Arizona

Welcome back to the Mountainscapers blog! Today we are going to talk about landscaping design ideas for those in the Phoenix and Flagstaff area. Unlike other parts of the country, we have to be very cognisant of not only the type of plants and trees that we install, but also about the water consumption needed to keep those landscaping elements alive. Read our blog to get ideas for redesigning your backyard.

A Water Feature

We know we just talked about the need to think about water consumption. However, the water consumption of water features are less than many traditional types of landscaping such as gardens and trees. Water features can be a great way to bring nature into your urban backyard and can actually provide health and therapeutic benefits. Install a water feature as a centerpiece for your yard or as part of your pool.

Rocks, Pathways, and Sculptures

If you’ve just moved to the Phoenix area, you may be wondering what you can do with your backyard or you may have lived in your Phoenix home for a while and are wanting to reinvent your space, but have no idea where to start. One way to conserve water, cut down on maintenance, and have a landscape that you will enjoy is by using rocks. You can create interesting designs using various colors of rocks or consider creating an interesting pathway with several sizes and shapes of paving stones. To add the finishing touches to your space, include a sculpture.

Fire Feature

A fire feature can be a great way to make your landscaping interesting and to stay warm on cool fall and winter nights. Install a fire pit table to enjoy with friends and family, or install a fire feature that is interesting to watch as you relax on your porch after a long day.

Whatever you decide to do, call our landscaping designers and installers today! We would love to help you create a space that you will love to spend time in and matches your lifestyle. We install water and fire features, too! Visit our website to learn more!

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