Fire & Water Features

Create Beauty & Ambiance

Add Ambiance & Make a Statement

Water and fire features can not only add beauty to your outdoor spaces, but it can create ambiance for relaxation, entertaining, and more. The landscape designers of Mountainscapers can combine both practicality and beauty to offer you a customized feature to enhance your outdoor spaces. Check out our gallery below and see the possibilities for your outdoor oasis.


Features We Install:

  • Custom fire pits and outdoor fireplaces

  • Water features

  • Water/fire features

  • Permanent backyard torches

  • And more

Living in Phoenix, Arizona affords us the opportunity to spend much of our time outdoors, enjoying our backyards for recreation, entertainment, and relaxation. Mountainscapers Landscaping is a leader in providing innovative landscape design and technology. Sean Andersen, the owner, combines his construction background with a talent for design. With each and every project Mountainscapers designs specifically to our clients’unique needs.

Fire and water features allow you to bring another level of enjoyment to your backyard landscaping. Landscape designs for every size and every budget can be enhanced by the addition of a water or fire feature.

Custom Fire Pits

Fire features, like an inviting and attractive outdoor fireplace, bring warmth and happiness to any backyard gathering.  Almost everyone likes to sit around an outdoor fire pit, or are mesmerized by the flame dancing in the boulders and water, and they work to make Phoenix desert nights an enjoyable family experience.

Signs That You Would Benefit From Fire and Water Features

Are you looking to create an outdoor backyard oasis with modern landscaping and superior backyard design? Fire and water features are a great way to add beauty and ambiance to your backyard. Not sure if you would benefit from our backyard design services? Here are a few signs that you might need help from Mountainscapers in Phoenix:

  • You want to add beauty, character, and interest to your backyard oasis.
  • You want to give your backyard a contemporary look with a modern landscaping design.
  • You're looking for ways to make your backyard stand out from the rest.
  • You appreciate the calming effect of running water or the ambiance that fire provides.

When you want to create a backyard that is stunningly beautiful, modern, and inviting, the addition of fire and water features can take it to the next level. With Mountainscapers in Phoenix, you can add these features to your backyard design and bring superior landscaping right into your own backyard!


One of our most innovative water and fire features is our Elemental Fountain, combining two opposing forces together in a spectacular showcase of light, movement, and ambiance.  This majestic water and fire feature would look wonderful in any type of landscape or indoor setting. The Elemental Fountain is intriguing for a business setting as well. Implementing this incredible and innovative design will give any space a wow factor and conversations piece.  Learn more here about this amazing feature in Phoenix!

Custom Firepit Designs

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