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Top 5 Drought-Tolerant Plants for Phoenix

April 21, 2024

With a good portion of the Western US either in a record drought, or worried about spreading drought and water shortages, it is imperative to the future of our desert community that we seriously concern ourselves with water conservation. Living in an area that only receives approximately 8 inches of rain a year, makes every drop of moisture count. As the premier landscaping design company in Phoenix, we make water conservation a priority when designing and building our trademark landscapes. We understand the dire need for keeping outdoor water usage to a minimum, and strive to use drought-resistant plants and greenery whenever possible. While saving the community its water, and the customer his hard-earned money, we provide a lush and beautiful outdoor setting by using these top water-stingy plants in our designs:


Blooming in a veritable rainbow of hues,  this sun and heat-loving annual loves to show off its rounded and boastful petals. Plant in areas that get that hot mid-day sun that other flowers seem to shun.


Requiring little maintenance, the coneflower delivers lots of bold, bright blooms that have been known to repopulate themselves. They can thrive in Phoenix’s soil and are hardy in water-parched areas.


Boost the edges or sloped areas of your backyard with these colorful stems that can grow to a healthy height of three feet. The light purple blooms’ aroma helps attract both butterflies and bees.


Tiny clusters of blooms against a broad-leafed background make up what is arguably one of Phoenix’s popular drought-resistant plants. The lantana’s ability to both mound and/or trail beautifully make it a great choice for hedges, containers and beds.


The Mediterranean native is not only highly tolerant to drought conditions, its mounding capabilities make it an attractive and aromatic choice for borders and slopes.

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Top 5 Drought-Tolerant Plants for Phoenix

Water conservation is crucial in drought-prone Western US areas like Phoenix, where rainfall is scarce. Our landscaping prioritizes drought-resistant plants like Portulaca, Coneflower, Catmint, Lantana, and Lavender to create lush outdoor spaces while minimizing water usage.

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