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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make Landscaping Changes

April 17, 2024

Welcome back to the Mountainscapers blog! Last time, we talked about landscaping dos and don’ts. We’ve seen it all in the years of experience we have been servicing Phoenix with our landscaping services and we don’t want you to make the same mistakes that we’ve seen other clients make that we’ve had to help them fix later. With that being said, today’s post is about those questions that you should ask yourself before you make any landscaping changes.  

Will I like this long-term?

Trends come and go, but your tastes often stay the same. Will you like the changes that you are considering or do you think you might hate it next season or even in a few months? Are you doing this because you like it or simply to keep up with “the Jones”?

Will this provide value to my home?

Many landscaping upgrades will provide value to your home. However, there are some “upgrades” or changes residents in the Phoenix area make that, if not installed correctly, could actually hurt the value of your home. If you are making complicated changes to your landscaping, it is best to call in the Phoenix-area landscaping experts at Mountainscapers!

How will this work with the rest of my landscaping?

You also must consider how the changes you may make could affect the rest of your landscaping. For example, will it overshadow other plants that need sunlight or will it provide the shade that they need now? Do you have the proper watering system or drainage installed? If you are planting a tree, will it grow into the space you have for it, or will it outgrow it?

Can I maintain this?

You must also consider maintenance: will you be able to maintain it? Will you want to maintain it? If you aren’t the gardening-type or prefer not to do yard maintenance then you will want to make sure that your landscaping upgrades fit your lifestyle.

Would you like some help upgrading your yard or thinking about installing a water feature or fire feature in your yard? Call Mountscapers to learn how we can help you have the beautiful backyard oasis of your dreams!

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