The end product is fantastic, awesome!

My wife and I were looking to develop an outdoor space for a 14 year old house. I had three bids, talked with several contractors on options using natural organic material. Was ready to give up, but have 10 weeks we finally met Sean. He heard what we wanted, steered us to an existing design in his portfolio. Within 1 week we had an agreement including design, material, color,… The crew was very knowledgeable, started early, and handled the details. We had one moment of decision making but did not lose a step. I believe there were three material deliveries, one the crew refused because it was incorrect. Worked in the excessive heat and when they left the place was neat and clean. 👍

The end product is fantastic, awesome, … It fits perfectly into the architecture of the house. It looks like the structure always was there. 😀 The materials captured our intentions within the project and was right on budget. It was a great pleasure for my wife and I to work with Sean and his team. The result is approximately 700 sq. ft. of patio space that we love and will continue to enjoy as it develops over the years. 👏

I think Sean enjoyed working with another Engineer!

Fred B.