Sean Blew Us Away

When we interviewed Mountainscapers to renovate our backyard, we had certain images in our mind. Sean blew us away with his ideas and sketches. The finished product is mesmerizing. Sean created a water feature and surrounding ‘mountain’ look that is stunning. 
Sean is a highly gifted individual. When his eyes kind of glaze over, you know you are in for an incredible structure.
One of the things I enjoyed most about our project was Sean’s crew. They are incredibly talented, hard-working, polite and enjoyable people. Having people ‘invade’ your premises for two weeks can be irritating, but these workers arrived early, cleaned up after themselves and went about their jobs professionally.
I highly recommend Sean and Mountainscapers. He is a dedicated, giving and compassionate individual. 
Thanks, Sean – we’ll see you again when we do the pergolas!

Colin C.