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A garden installation can significantly enhance your space's color, texture, and smell, adding a finishing touch to your outdoor spaces. Our landscape designers can artfully add flowers and other plants to your landscape that can offer both functionality and beauty. When we create garden installations, we also help you avoid soil erosion as well as heat islands. Learn more about our garden installations in Phoenix and Flagstaff, and how we can help add beauty to your outdoor living spaces. Contact us today for a free estimate!


Benefits of Garden Installation:

  • Adds color, texture, and enhances landscape

  • Helps to protect against soil erosion and heat islands

  • Provides homes for beneficial insects and animals

Beautiful & Functional Landscape Design

As much as we love to see green dotting the Phoenix and Flagstafff landscape, it does get a little redundant. Nothing adds more beauty and personalization to a humdrum backyard than delightfully colorful blossoms. With a variety of flower and plant species native to the area, we can turn your blank canvas of a backyard into a multi-colored palette of brilliant hues. Our gardening experts and landscape designers work together to create an attention-getting setting that you’ll be able to enjoy year-round. Adding texture, height, color, and variety, gardens accentuate any backyard space with graceful touches and soothing coolness.

As a resource, we find the Virtual Library of Phoenix Landscape Plants to be instrumental to our process. You can find more information regarding this resource here.

Avoid Soil Erosion & Benefit Insects and Wildlife

A garden does more than just add color to your backyard setting. Gardens help homeowners avoid soil erosion and heat islands. By adding a garden to your landscape, you provide additional homes to beneficial insects and wildlife. And of course, luscious blooms always make for a calming, soothing environment for you, your family, and your guests. Let our landscape designers and garden experts create and outdoor garden area that complements your home in all the right ways. Call us now for a free design consultation and estimate at 602-726-8560.

How New Garden Landscape Architecture Can Benefit You

New garden landscape architecture and design can significantly benefit Arizona homeowners, primarily because it can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of their property, increasing the value of their home. A well-designed garden environment from Mountainscapers can also create a comfortable and relaxing outdoor living space for homeowners and their families, promoting their overall well-being. Depending on the landscaping and design features you’d like for your property, we can help you enhance privacy and security by strategically placing trees and shrubs to block unwanted views and provide natural barriers.

Our Phoenix and Flagstaff landscape design contractors can also help you reduce your water usage and maintenance costs by incorporating drought-tolerant plants and efficient irrigation systems. Well-designed landscape architecture can attract beneficial wildlife, such as birds and bees, creating a beautiful and eco-friendly habitat for both homeowners and nature.

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