Protecting Our Fragile Environment

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Phoenix’s Xeriscaping Experts & Landscape Designers

No matter where someone lives, it’s important to consider water consumption as using our resources responsibly is a must for everyone. However, those of us in Phoenix and Flagstaff have an additional challenge when it comes to landscape design and taking care of our fragile environment. Xeriscaping is a means of reducing the amount of water that is expended on landscaping. When you work with our landscapers, we can create beautiful outdoor spaces that require little water to flourish.

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Benefits of Xeriscaping:

  • Adds beauty while reducing water usage
  • Protects the environment by sustaining water sources
  • Lowers water bill
  • Reduces maintenance costs and time
  • Enhances outdoor spaces with native plants

Focusing on the Sustainability of Our Fragile Environment

Living in one of the largest cities in the West comes with a unique set of challenges for both homeowners and the landscapers in the Phoenix and Flagstaff area that look to help them. With water being one of our most precious resources, we understand the highly important role we play in the area's conservation of water and strive to always use naturally, water-stingy plants and trees that thrive in the Phoenix and Flagstaff areas without human help. With a concentrated effort on xeriscaping, our landscape designer's focus is to help our desert community sustain both its beauty and water resources as we continue to grow as one of the West's largest metro areas.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of water you expend on your landscaping. Where many people believe that a complete overhaul is needed, we can actually add xeriscaping without the need for an extreme landscaping makeover. By using the plants and trees that are native to the desert and emphasizing their beauty with a variety of landscaping elements, we work to both beautify your outdoor living spaces and sustain local water sources. Proper xeriscaping not only adds to your personal landscaping, but it also helps to lower your monthly water bill and relieves you from time-consuming maintenance chores.

Find out more about xeriscaping and all of its benefits by calling Mountianscapers' customer care team for a FREE estimate now and start conserving water beautifully today.

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